Creating Amazon KDP Ready Puzzle Books with Puzzle Book Compiler Was Never So Easy... Create Unlimited Puzzle Books

Create Unlimited Puzzle Books and Know Your Page Count Before You Even Press... "Compile Puzzle Book"..

Create Unlimited Puzzle Books and Know Your Page Count Before You Even Press...  Compile Puzzle Book

Don't Just Take My Word For How Amazing Puzzle Book Compiler Really Is...

Mr. Ronald Saker: I have been following you on both your FB pages and with this new Puzzle Book Automator (Compiler) you have outdone yourself.

I used your earlier versions and they worked great. This version I have not tried yet, which I will soon. Thank you very much for creating very time-saving Automation solutions at very affordable prices. Appreciate it -- Ganti Murty.

I really love the Puzzle Book Compiler.
It not only takes me a fraction of the time I'd normally take to create one activity book, but I can also create multiple books in one sitting.

The best part of the experience is the man behind the software.

Ron listens, supports customers with a gentle humour and is ever looking for new features to add to the experience -- Clyde Eugene

Its a lean mean puzzle book creating machine.

What used to take me hours to produce puzzle books but this peice of software changed that to Minutes.

Well worth the cost in time saved; it does all the work. -- Karl Perkins.

Great piece of software.

Simple and easy to use, what more can you ask for.

Saves me time in creating Puzzle Books. (10 Books 15 mins) -- JP.

Making puzzle books has always been pretty involved, and I've stayed away from them until now.
However, Ron's Puzzle Book Compiler is the game changer I didn't even know I needed - until it quietly showed up on my radar one day.

I love the way the Compiler just simply works. Click the button, out pops a book. Click it again, out pops another.
All software should be this easy.

Now, about support. Not being very techie, I did have some questions at first. But Ron was right there with answers and solutions.
I count this Product a safe bet. -- Charles Burke.

I recently published a series of Sudoku books on Amazon KDP using the Puzzle Book Compiler and I can honestly say it was a breeze.

The ability to select the source file and folder paths directly within the software makes it so easy.

Once you have personalised the provided PowerPoint file(s) to your brand and created your puzzles, just a few clicks to select your file paths and preferred output options gets your book created automatically within minutes.

I'll definitely be using Puzzle Book Compiler to build up my portfolio of puzzle books, it's easy to use and such a time saver, great value for money. -- Paul Burgess

Thanks for the Awesome software to reduce a significant amount of time while creating these Puzzle Books.

I¡¯ve personally used this software to create puzzle books & it helped to create 10+ books in matter of minutes.

Best part is that, these books are in fact ready to be uploaded right away with ¡®No Extra¡¯ work to your KDP account. -Laksh (

Thanks to Ron, I have been able to Scale up on my KDP profits through the Puzzle Book Compiler.

A little learning curve but worth it. Certainly love the software.

I'd recommend the software for anyone who is interested in Puzzle books creation. Thanks Ron! -- AA (name suppression requested)

Puzzle Book Compiler created this amazing book in seconds...

(The use of the flip book is for displaying puzzle book only.)

How Does Puzzle Book Compiler Work.

How it works
Step 11

Step 1

Select the Book number
Step 22

Step 2

Select the Number of Puzzles per Book
Step 33

Step 3

Select the Number of Puzzles per Page
Step 44

Step 4

Select the Number of Solutions per Page
Step 55

Step 5

Click to Select the path to the Puzzles Images on your hard drive
Step 66

Step 6

Click to Select the path to the Solution Images on your hard drive
Step 77

Step 7

Click to Select the path to the PowerPoint Template on your hard drive you want to use
Step 88

Step 8

Click the button "Compile Puzzle Book"

No Refunds Offered!

Frequently Asked Questions!.

1Do you offer refunds?

No. Allow our team to work with you to rectify any challenges.

Any future purchase of the software will be at the going rate at the time of order.

2Is the software Mac compatible?

This software is PC based only. As it uses Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint programs. Apple and Microsoft do not play nicely together although you can run an emulator on your Mac.

Try searching Google for Mac emulators. A good one is Parallels Desktop.

3What's included in the Puzzle Book Compiler package?

An Excel Software program running macro's, 4 x Powerpoint Templates that you can customize (5"x8", 6"x9", 8"x10" and 8.5"x11") You can select from 1, 2, 4 or 6 Puzzles per page.

4Can I sell the Puzzles as Puzzle Pages?

Absolutely and we encourage you to do so; on as many different Platforms you can find.

5Are there any upsells?

Yes there are 4 Upsells. You DO NOT need any of them to use Puzzle Book Compiler to it's fullest.

The first Upsell is Sudoku PLR Package 10000. 10 Sets of 1,000 Alpha-Numeric Puzzles & Solutions that are ideal for breaking into the lucrative Japanese Puzzle Book Craze. $27.00

The second upsell is An Activity Book Compiler, where you can have up to 4 different Puzzles per page. $97.00

The Third to hit the ground running is Japanese Puzzle Package Pro PLR. Consisting of 11 Puzzle types all with 2,000 Puzzles & Solutions already created for you. $47.00

The Forth is a lite cersion of Japanese Puzzle Package Pro PLR. Consisting of 5 Puzzle types all with 2,000 Puzzles & Solutions already created for you. $27.00

6Do You Provide Support & Training?

Yes, we have live chat, facebook forums, email support, a YouTube channel and extensive (and growing) documentation.

7Is your software Newbie friendly?

Yes, there are only 8 things you need to do to take full advantage of the compiling ability of Puzzle Book Compiler.

We have listed those above.

8Do I need to buy any other software to make this work?

No, we show you exactly where to get absolutely FREE software to generate and create over 21 Puzzles and Crosswords.

Plus in the Facebook Group there are Training videos that you can watch to get you up to speed real quick.

9What software do I need to use Puzzle Book Compiler

Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Powerpoint

10Do I have a license to sell Puzzle Book Compiler?

Absolutely NOT, and I hope I never have to set the hounds on you. They are not as friendly as I am.

You have a Personal Use License. You can create Puzzle Books and sell those to others in .pdf format, BUT you can not sell the source code or the program itself.

11Do you have an Affiliate Program to sell Puzzle Book Compiler?

Not at the moment

12Is Puzzle Book Compiler available in other languages?

Yes. The Pro Version only has been translated into: Italian, German, Japanese, Greek, Dutch, Indonesian, Thai, Zimbabwe and Hungarian

13Does Puzzle Book Compiler come with ReSell, Master ReSell or PLR Rights?

NO. You do not have the right to sell, pass on or in anyway allow others to use your copy of Puzzle Book Compiler. We do monitor this and will take action very swiftly should we find anyone violating our Copyright.

14What license rights do I have to Puzzle Book Compiler?

Commercial Use and Personal Use ONLY. You can use Puzzle Book Compiler for your own Personal Use and to compile Puzzle Books for your clients. You have all rights to sell your creations/compilations in any ethical manner without restrictions as a .pdf document only.