Bonus Disclaimer

Any bonuses offered on this site are FREE OF CHARGE and as such are not to be misconstrued as part and parcel of the main offer.

Although we may over deliver on our bonuses to help you decide to buy now rather than later, they are offered and supplied on a good faith basis only.

Should your only reason to purchase be because of the bonus or bonuses and you subsequently find that you don't like it or them that does not give you any entitlement to a refund.

You must clearly understand that the bonuses are just that. An added incentive at NO cost or even obligation for you to download with your purchase of our main product(s).

Our Generous Refund Policy does not include nor does it cover or imply that the Bonuses Supplied are covered by our refund policy.

There is no support or warranty supplied, offered or implied unless explicitly stated on any or all of the bonuses.

The only exception to the above is if the bonuses have been exclusively created by our company and not a product purchased from a third party and we explicitly state that there is support or a warranty.

In which case we reserve the right to either remedy, replace or withdraw the said bonus and offer a subsequent bonus whether related or not to the bonus being replaced.

Should this explicit statement not be included in the bonus statement then, you as the customer must assume and understand that there is NO warranty expressed or implied and NO support will be given for that bonus(s).

We also reserve the right not to replace any bonuses for any reason.

Third Party Bonuses as Memberships to other services not being sold from Bookstrap and

Should a refund be given at the sole discretion of then any memberships offered as a bonus to you will be immediately terminated and any and all monies, if any, accrued now and in the future will be forfeited forthwith without recompense or recourse.

In a nut shell... If you don't like the bonuses after paying and downloading our main product(s)/services that gives you NO right to or entitlement to a REFUND or REFUNDS whatsoever.

We are confident that you have understood your rights and obligations with concern to the Bonus Disclaimer and that you agree with the terms described above.


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