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Bookstrap Low Content Book Wizard Silver

Bookstrap Low Content Book Wizard Silver

Discover How "BookStrap Cloud Based App" Is Second To None For The Ultimate In Creating Evergreen Low and No Content Paperback Books and Printables!

Upload your own graphics or use the Bookstrap Content Library.

Benefits of using Bookstrap for All Your Print On Demand Platforms

1. Cloud Based App

2. Nothing to Download

3. Nothing to Install

4. PC and Mac Compatible

5. Cloud Based Content Library

6. The Ultimate Low Content Activity Book Compiler
Every Low Content Book Publisher Will Fall in Love With Using Bookstrap!

7. Compile Unlimited Evergreen Coloring and Activity Books
Great For Activity Books, PLR Content, Puzzle Book Fillers.

8. Low Content Publishers Dream
16 Unique Japanese Puzzles, Various Mazes and All Types of Low & No Content Library Content

9. Create Paperback Books and Printables from the Most Popular Book Sizes
5" x 8", 6" x 9", 8" x 10 and 8.5" x 11.0" just to name a few

10. Create Adult Coloring Pages, Kids Coloring Pages and Activity Pages
for Etsy, Zazzle, Fiverr, Bonanza, or as direct downloads

11. Select Number of Images per Section
from 1 to 200

12. Select Images per Compiled Page
1,2,4,6,8,9,12 and 24

13. Re-size Your Images

14. Re-Position Your Images Top, Middle or Bottom

15.All Books are saved to your Dashboard

16. Preview Your Book before Creating

17. Edit or Delete Projects

18. Clone Your Projects to Save Time

19. Name your Project and Download in either .pdf format or .pptx (Powerpoint)

20. 250mgs Disk Space

21. Create 100 Books per week. (400 Books per Month
Limited to 100 Downloads per Week)

Free for the first 7 days, then $19.99 for each month


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