DFY Monthly Puzzles

DFY Monthly Puzzles
Explode Your Low Content Book Sales Today With Our Done For You Puzzles...

Create Unique Puzzle Books That Will Sell 24/7/365 Without You Doing The Heavy Lifting

These are component pages (png images) in order to create interiors quickly

4 different sets of puzzle types are sent once per month  Each set contains:

- 2000 Done For You Puzzles On Individual Pages

- 2000 Pages of Solutions

- Puzzle Difficult Variation (random) differs monthly.

- 4000 Pages of Done For You Content

- Ease of use with Puzzle Book Compiler and Activity Puzzle Book Compiler

- Commercial License Included

- Purchase Once Use Many Times

- Each set produces 5x 100 puzzle interiors.

- mix and match pages from subsequent submissions to create even more interiors.

- speed up your creation process to hyper drive level. Compile an interior in minutes.

Subscribe and receive an extra 1000 puzzles and 1000 solutions. Consider it a free gift to get started. Additionally, you receive the latest submission!

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You will receive a link to the first files immediately by email.

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