Puzzle Book Compiler - Mac Only

Puzzle Book Compiler - Mac Only

" Creating KDP ready Books with the Puzzle Book Compiler is
super fast and easy. 4 clicks and you're done.
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 out pops your book creation. "

Who is the software for?

Every Low Content Book Publisher Will Love Owning A Copy to Semi-Automate the Creation of KDP Books and Etsy Printables !

Unlimited Evergreen Puzzle Books

From any .png or .jpg Image No Matter Where You Sourced Them. The Puzzle and Solutions Have the Same Corresponding Number for Easy Debugging if Required.

Create Puzzle Pages for

Etsy, Zazzle, Fiverr, Bonanza, or as direct downloads

Create Different Customized
Versions or Series Easily In Minutes NOT Days

Traffic Generation

Create Giveaways, Samples, Lead Generators, Loss Leaders

Your Portfolio

Build Your Portfolio of Low Content Puzzle Books Quickly and Efficiently

Create Unlimited Puzzle Books and Know Your Page Count Before You Even Press... "Compile Puzzle Book"..

Do You Provide Support & Training?

Yes, we have live chat, facebook forums, email support, a YouTube channel and extensive (and growing) documentation.

Do I need to buy any other software to make this work?

No, we show you exactly where to get absolutely FREE software to generate and create over 21 Puzzles and Crosswords.

Plus in the Facebook Group there are Training videos that you can watch to get you up to speed real quick.

What software do I need to use Puzzle Book Compiler

Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Powerpoint

Do I have a license to sell Puzzle Book Compiler?

Absolutely NOT, and I hope I never have to set the hounds on you. They are not as friendly as I am.

You have a Personal Use License. You can create Puzzle Books and sell those to others in .pdf format, BUT you can not sell the source code or the program itself.

Do you have an Affiliate Program to sell Puzzle Book Compiler?

Yes we do. We currently just use the Warrior Platform to sell our products

Warrior + Affiliate Page.

Is Puzzle Book Compiler available in other languages?

Yes. The Pro Version only has been translated into: Italian, German, Japanese, Greek, Dutch, Indonesian, Thai, Zimbabwe and Hungarian. Please contact support to get a special purchase link for the language you wish to purchase.

Does Puzzle Book Compiler come with ReSell, Master ReSell or PLR Rights?

NO. You do not have the right to sell, pass on or in anyway allow others to use your copy of Puzzle Book Compiler. We do monitor this and will take action very swiftly should we find anyone violating our Copyright.

What license rights do I have to Puzzle Book Compiler?

Commercial Use and Personal Use ONLY. You can use Puzzle Book Compiler for your own Personal Use and to compile Puzzle Books for your clients. You have all rights to sell your creations/compilations in any ethical manner without restrictions as a .pdf document only.

The ONLY Puzzle Book Compiler You Will Ever Need For Hands Free Compiling of Puzzle Books From Any .png images.

>> Low Content Publishers Dream 10 Puzzle Page Layouts To Choose From.
>> Create Four Different Book Sizes 5" x 8", 6" x 9", 8" x 10 and 8.5" x 11.0"
>> Traffic Generation Create Giveaways, Samples, Lead Generators, Loss Leaders
>> Create Unlimited Puzzle Books and Know Your Page Count Before You Even Press... "Compile Puzzle Book"
>> Mac Version

$57.00 for each year


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